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The objectives of QUIS’ unique high-level sharing and networking events are to:

  • Promote the continuing improvement of service quality and excellence in all economic sectors around the world.
  • Gather thought leaders from the global business and academic communities for an open exchange of insight and experiences.
  • Share and advance the state of the art in theory and practice through presentation and discussion of scholarly research and successful business strategies.
  • Provide a forum for intensive global dialogues between researchers and executives and to offer guidance for future academic study and business practice within service research

QUIS14 Program

For the first time in history, we are holding QUIS14 symposium in Asia, one of the fastest growing economic regions of the world. Several emerging markets in Asia become the economic driving forces to the whole world which bring many challenging issues and interesting research topics for both academia and practitioner to study and discuss. Shanghai is one of the most exciting cities in China and has enjoyed tremendous growth in both its modern service and manufacturing industries. Innovations and servitization are two major drivers of business transformation and economic growth. Economic reform and internet based new technologies are the key enablers of innovations and growth. We are very delighted to invite you to join this exciting conference to discuss how to develop new and improve existing businesses through collaborative innovations under the network environment.

In addition to the regular sessions, QUIS14 will add in a Ph.D Consortium, a one day program designed for 100 to 150 young scholar and Ph.D students on June 18, 2015. The consortium is hosted by Center for Service Marketing and Management (CSMM), Fudan University with the objective to boost cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research in service and provide opportunities for doctoral students and junior faculty members to connect and interact with each other. The consortium will create a mentoring atmosphere by inviting senior researchers to share their valuable experience in doing service research, and also to give comments on the ongoing projects of consortium participants.