It Support

It Support Introduction

Within the Private and Public sectors in Scotland, It Support is an area that is often overlooked. However, It is arguably one of the most important aspects of business or public sector work as almost every workplace across Scotland requires some form of It to function. Changing the IT infrastructure can completely reshape an organisation and help it perform much more effectively.

Case study

In 2013 a scandal emerged about the NHS and their overspending on their It systems. It emerged that the NHS had thousands of computers that had been compromised and were vulnerable to hacking and cyber attack as their systems were severely outdated and restrictive. This was arguably one of the largest seismic shifts in IT services ever in the UK. It was estimated that the total cost reached a massive 12.4 billion pounds. The original budget was 2.3 billion and this was made up of taxpayers funds. Overall the project was a disaster and it ceased to be after around 11 years in 2013. This serves as an excellent reminder as to why sourcing reliable and credible It Support is so important.

Advantages To Using IT Support Glasgow

IT Support Glasgow has a number of different advantages which can be listed

  • Normally entails ongoing support and assistance from the It company. This means better training and results with your It systems
  • Web pages and design can be improved to better market your business or service and also allow the website to load faster and perform better
  • Using an It expert/business can greatly improve your security online which is essential when dealing with sensitive data and payments
  • Can also support you in overhauling your It systems. This can overall greatly improve staff morale and customer feedback as having newer and more up to date equipment leads to better communication and efficiency

Changes In The It Industry

Search engine optimisation is also known as SEO has become one of the most important aspects of online digital marketing for public and private companies alike online. The reason for this is google on average handles roughly over 3.2 billion Google searches every day. The results on the first page of each google search are most likely to get people clicking on them. As a result businesses across the world compete for top spot so they can attract new customers and be the first result on google. Of course, this is by no means simple. Many companies lack the knowledge of It or the online sector and don’t understand the implications of SEO and how it can affect their business. SEO is something that has been growing over the last 30 years or so. With the birth of companies such as google it is an essential skill, many people could do with learning!