The carbon dioxide sensor is an essential tool which has been used for many years within the industrial and heavy industries in order to safeguard workers and visitors in the plants/factories. Through this article we will look at why the carbon dioxide sensor is so important as well as other safety measures that need to be undertaken to ensure employees safety.

carbon dioxide sensor

What Is Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas that is present in the earth’s atmosphere. It is safe to breathe in the air. However when large quantities of carbon dioxide are emitted then it can become an issue. For example car exhausts emit carbon dioxide but the amount they produce is severely restricted by catalytic converters which break it down to prevent pollution and ensuring that people nearby are not affected by the fumes. Carbon dioxide is also produced by trees , and other naturally occurring resources although in harmless amounts. If excess amounts of carbon dioxide are ingested by someone it can cause someone to lose consciousness and eventually kill them. What is one of the most dangerous factors of carbon dioxide is the fact that it is odourless and colourless. This means that it is much harder to detect than other hazards within a work environment.

carbon dioxide sensor

How Could Industrial Companies Benefit From A Carbon Dioxide Sensor?

There are a number of different ways in which industrial companies could benefit from the of a carbon dioxide sensor. One of the main benefits of the carbon dioxide sensor for large industrial companies is that it safeguards the safety of anyone in its faculties, This means that the risk of death or serious injury is significantly reduced. Another way in which a carbon dioxide sensor could benefit a large industrial company is it would display the emissions that the facility or plant is producing. This could be beneficial as the plant or facility would be able to track their emissions better and have better chance to tackle their own emissions.

carbon dioxide sensor

Other Forms Of Safety Equipment

As well as the sensors there is a variety of other equipment that can be used within industrial environments in order to ensure the safety of the workforce. One of the most common forms is smoke alarms. Smoke alarms by law have to be fitted to just about every new building that is built. These are often coupled with sprinklers or other fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers to prevent the spread of fire.

Climate Change

Many activists claim that clearly carbon dioxide is a catalyst for climate change. Whilst this may be true to an extent some would argue that we first need to establish what climate change is and what the effects would be rather than jumping to the conclusion that it is going to cause the world to end. Carbon dioxide has been present in the world atmosphere for billions of years although in recent years increased levels have been produced due to industrialisation around the world. On the whole levels should be reduced to prevent air pollution.