Man stands in the conference at the QUIS Symposium

The QUIS Symposium is held every two years focussing on Service in Excellence in Management. This biennial conference brings together business executives, public sector managers and leading researchers from all over the world to share and learn about improving management services. It is well known across different industries that one of the best ways to improve your own practice is to learn from the successes of others. Another is to use the best practices to benchmark your own approaches.

Close up of the microphone at the QUIS Symposium

QUIS Symposium History

The very first QUIS conference was held in Sweden in 1988. Every two years since then there has been a gathering of leading researchers and top professionals from across the globe. The purpose of these international symposiums is to create a first-class networking event that will allow leaders in the industry to:

  • Promote the continuous improvement of service quality in all economic sectors around the world
  • Gather thought leaders from the international business and academic communities for an open exchange of insights and experiences
  • Share and advance the state of the art in theory and practice through presentation and discussion of scholarly research and successful business strategies
  • Provide a forum for intensive international dialogue between researchers and executives and to offer guidance for future academic study and business practices

Birdseye view of all the people sitting in the audience at the QUIS Symposium

Past Locations and Dates of the QUIS Symposium

Porto, Portugal                      June 12-15, 2017

Shanghai, China                     June 18-21, 2015

Karlstad, Sweden                  June 10-13, 2013

Ithaca, New York, USA,          June 2-5, 2011

Wolfsburg, Germany             June 11-14, 2009

Orlando, Florida, USA            June 14-17, 2007

Karlstad, Sweden                  June 15-18, 2004

Victoria, Canada                    June 11-14, 2002

Karlstad, Sweden                  June 13-16, 2000

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA   June 29-July 2, 1998

Karlstad, Sweden                  June 17-20, 1996

Karlstad, Sweden                  June 14-17 1992

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA   July 8-11, 1990

Karlstad, Sweden                  August 14-17, 1988


The Purpose of the Symposium Blog

As well as shedding light upon what topics are discussed during the biennial QUIS Symposiums for those who are not eligible to attend, this blog is intended to share triumphs from innovative professionals and enterprises within the service industries. In other words, we hope to offer an inclusive, informative and accessible platform for anyone working in or hoping to work or progress within the service industries.