So we’re well into 2020 and already we are seeing a number of emerging trends from across the globe. One of the key ways in which the world is changing for business is the way consumers shop.

Increasing retailers are seeing more people choose online delivery. But it doesn’t stop there , people want priority delivery. This means delivery within a matter of hours on demand. And many are willing to pay an additional fee in order to recieve this service.

Amazon has been one of the main major businesses to capitalise on this through their amazon prime now delivery service. It has become hugely popular and slowly other businesses and retailers are trying to replicate its success.

How Can More Customers Be Targeted Easily?

A key element to most businesses growth in 2020 is the growth of the number of customers that they have overall. There are many different growth strategies and techniques that can be used in order to target customers more easily.

More recently , one method which has proved extemely effective is via social media platform facebook. In order to gain a social media following quickly , many businesses choose to do some form of giveaway or raffle.

By doing this , businesses ask people to tag friends and like the page in order to be in with a chance of winning a prize. This can help to generate large followings for businesses online that are just starting out.

Notable Changes In Business

Other noticeable changes that have occurred in businesses in 2020 include how people are finding service to use. More and more consumers are using search engines to source business and services. However many businesses are still failing to undertake SEO and properly capitalise on this opportunity.

Meanwhile, SEO is seeing an increase in demand also as more individuals a well as buisnesses seek out more information about how SEO works and how useful it can be within business overall. SEO has proven to be essential for many and it is dependedent on quality of websites as well as links rather than the size of a business.

This has meant that in some circumstances smaller businesses in certain sectors are leapfrogging larger businesses to receive more online traffic. This has lead to a significant increase in overall online sales.

What Important Messages Should Businesses Pick Up On In 2020

If businesses are looking to see any sorts of sucess in 2020. It is important that they pick up on a number of different key messages.

One key message which many businesses can improve on is their online presence and services. Having a website and option to order online is good. However , having a well designed and eye catching website is very important as this can make the difference between a sale or no sale.


To conclude it is clear that in order for businesses to be successful in 2020 they need to be able to adapt to new technologies and embrace an online presence.

If a firm is lacking in digital expertise , then a marketing company can be used in order to help improve their overall online profile.