Four people in a line connecting their phones at a networking industry event.

For many people, attending a conference for your industry seems like something that only happens in cheesy American movies. While that may be true, industry conferences also happen all over the world and are an excellent way to further your career. If you are new to our blog then this article is perfect for you. Below are the top reasons why you should attend industry conferences and of course should work your way up to attending the QUIS Symposium.

Promo photo of attendees at industry events

Industry Events are Good for You

Attending an industry event or conference will provide opportunities to learn something new. You may have worked in your sector, or perhaps even in your company for decades, but there will always be someone out there who does something differently to you. For people who are still fairly near the beginning of their career, industry events are a golden opportunity to interact with experts and learn all the tricks of the trade. What you will also likely experience is a fresh wave of inspiration to excel at what you do. Hearing what others have achieved and what they have done to become successful is the best energy boost a professional can have. Also, you might be inspired by a revelation of hearing how others deal with certain things that perhaps you maybe haven’t thought of.  Plus, most of these events are fun. You get to take time off work, perhaps even to travel internationally, and meet like-minded people.

Five people fist bumping over a desk with laptops at an industry event

Attending Conferences Will Help Your Business

If you work in B2B, conferences and events are perfect opportunities to market. Face to face conversation is much more influential than emailing and calling. Plus, your audience has attended to learn about new business and people just like you, therefore are likely to be more receptive to your pitch. In addition, attending an industry focused event lets you keep up to date with all the latest trends and in so doing keeps your team ahead of the curve. Also, every little nugget of knowledge or small connection that you make at the conference will add value to your business.


Networking Heaven

As already touched upon, at industry events you will be given opportunities to speak with industry experts first hand and learn from their fountain of wisdom. You will also meet loads of people just like you who are looking to swap tricks and stories. Of course, you may even gain new clients.