The city of Glasgow is filled with and fantastic choice of restaurants. From well-loved pub grub to five-star restaurants Glasgow has something for every appetite, mood and occasion. What’s even better is that in recent years, Glasgow dining has been expanding across multiple cultures. Spanning from Korean to Russian, to Tai, to French, to American, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and more, Glasgow restaurants lend themselves to an around the world trip of dining. However, is the service of a high standard? Or is the just the tantalising options that impress? Restaurant reviews vary from place to place but there is one destination in particular that is continuously reliable for good service: Indian restaurant Glasgow the Dhabba.

Jumbo Tiger Prawns from Indian Restaurant Glasgow

The Dhabba: Indian Restaurant Glasgow

The name of this well-loved Indian restaurant Glasgow derives from the roadside diners that have been captivating travellers for many, many years in North India. These traditional eateries are family run and renown for the delicious recipes that have been passed down through generations. Naturally, news eventually spread of these diners through to cities and cross-country until all over the world restaurants of all calibres were imitating the style of dhabbas. Luckily for Glasgow, The Dhabba was opened by pioneers of authentic North Indian cuisine, offering this Scottish city a true taste of the region.

Customer Service at the Dhabba

Customer service is an integral part of the success of restaurants. People eat out to escape the effort and stress of cooking for themselves at home. Regardless of the cuisine style or the atmosphere, the waiting staff, bar staff and managers in restaurants are expected to be polite, attentive and generally pleasant towards their customers. The staff at the Dhabba go above and beyond this basic requisite.

Leg of Lamb with dark rum herbs and spices from Indian Restaurant Glasgow.

A Visit to Top Indian Restaurant Glasgow

Upon entering the Dhabba I was greeted by a smiling waiter who walked towards my party confidently before counting and confirming the number of diners. He showed us directly to our table offering water and menus to each person. After asking if we had visited before (to which we replied that we had not) he proceeded to concisely explain the very large menu, created in the style of a single newspaper broadsheet. It was divided up into sections: starters, hors-d’oeuvres, tandoori, vegetables, meats, cheese, biryanis, salads, rice, bread, sides, pickles and desserts. Plus, there was an extra section at the end dedicated to a tasting menu. The server returned every question from our table with knowledgeable answers and came across enthusiastic about the ingredients and flavours of every dish. What was more impressive was when our waiter was at another table, the manager noticed I was looking around for the staff and did not hesitate to come over and ask how he could help. It so happened that I wasn’t sure what dish to choose so the manager asked me a series of questions about the types of seasoning and spice I enjoy, only to create a unique version of a dish tailored to my preference. Overall the visit was an extremely pleasant experience, not only due to the delicious food but also because the staff made everyone feel welcome and that they truly were there to help us enjoy our time at the Dhabba.