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If you are attending a symposium and you are unsure what to expect then this guide will give you an idea of some of the things that happen during a conference.  Prior to attending a seminar, it is important that you understand what the purpose of a symposium is. A symposium is also known as a seminar or a conference meeting. This is where people go to when they want to discuss particular topics.  Large groups of people attend seminars to listen to speakers who want to talk about particular subjects. When attending a symposium you should expect:

  • Varied sizes of audiences
  • Venues
  • Speakers and awards
  • Food and drinks
  • Gifts


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For symposiums, some topics are more popular than others. For example, the topics that involve world problems such as health, education and politics see more people attending than others. All people can attend conferences if they are able to get tickets to join them. Throughout the conference people in the audience are able to ask questions about the topics spoken about and the speaker will answer them with the information they have.


Venues when Attending a Symposium


Depending on the number of people attending there are many venues that are used for symposiums. Some conferences can be held in hotel conferences rooms, office rooms and many other venues. Seminars take place all over the world for everyone to join. However, some of the symposiums are for specific companies. Businesses benefit from conferences as it is a way to meet new clients and make your business more known to other people.

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Speakers and Awards


With a range of topics, there are many speakers at symposiums. Usually, at seminars, there are people who speak at the beginning as they introduce the speaker who will be in charge of the event. There may also be multiple speakers talking at the one event depending on how big the topic is. There may also be more than one speaker at a time to give another view of a topic. At conferences, there may be awards given out to people who have helped the speakers or who have involved themselves with the work the speakers and their organisation have done.


End of Symposium


At the end of symposiums, there are usually gifts given out for the guests who have attended. These gifts are usually things that represent the organisation and that highlight the topics spoken about at the seminar.